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The Axe Effect | The first Urban Axe Throwing venue in Amsterdam!

What is The Axe Effect?

The Urban Axe Effect is the first Urban Axe Throwing venue in Amsterdam. We have 3 axe throwing lanes where you can play with 6 people per lane at one time. Of course you can play with less than 6 people as well. Our venue is located in Amsterdam West close to Amsterdam Sloterdijk Station. A cool activity at a sporty location with amny other games to play!

Axe Throwing
3 Axe throwing lanes
6 People per lane
1 Hour game
From € 21,50 per person
Different type of axes
Unique Location
Amsterdam West
Rhoneweg 32, 1043 AH Amsterdam
Food & Drinks available
Other games to play
First & only in Amsterdam
Make a booking
Online bookings system
Pay by credit card, Paypal, Ideal
Affordable prices
Value for money
Unique experience

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